About us

Who we are

Auto Locksmiths is the online marketplace, giving rapid access to affordable and fast automotive locksmith services.

Founded by Al Lijee (technology entrepreneur), Auto Locksmiths was designed to meet a need that he had identified from his own experience. He tried to call in an auto locksmith, and not only found it hard to get in touch with one quickly, he also found the service he finally received very disappointing. He knew there had to be a better way to seek out and engage a local, skilled auto locksmith; someone with the right skillset who could be relied upon to do a good job, at the right price. In early 2020, he set about designing and launching a new online marketplace, and Auto Locksmiths was born. Initially covering the New York area, this network has grown to become available in every town and city in the USA.

We are now rated the Number One online marketplace in our field, and our purpose is to put motorists who are looking for the services of a professional auto locksmith, in touch with suitably skilled technicians. The size of our operation gives us the advantage of offering a wide-ranging set of services to our customers.

With more than 400 auto locksmiths in our network, we offer the widest possible array of vehicle lock and key services, including:

  • Car lockout services – keys locked in the car or the boot/trunk.
  • Car key cutting to replace lost or broken keys or make duplicates.
  • Key repair, replacement and reprogramming for electronic key fobs.
  • Removal of keys stuck in the ignition or car door.
  • Transponder car key programming.
  • Ignition cylinder or switch replacement.

Our system gathers in thousands of quote requests every month from potential customers seeking the services of local, professional automotive lock and key technicians.

We are able to give those potential customers the confidence that the technician they will be engaging with have a history of reliability by our use of customer feedback. Each auto locksmith has their own individual profile page, and once each job has been completed, we request every customer to post a review on the page, to let other potential customers see how the technician actually performed.

Anyone can request a quote online; the service is free for customers to use. The auto locksmiths are featured on the site after paying a subscription fee.

Operating model

We operate an online-only marketplace, and through it, we give customers access to multiple, well-established, independent automotive locksmith businesses who are in operation within the United States. Our partnering locksmiths can access suitable quote requests that have come in through the site – suitability is assessed through factors such as job location, type of job and their own capacity to take on the work. We monitor the quality of service our customers are receiving through real-time information on the website. 

We believe that our operating model is unique, and we are confident to be able to deliver rapid response times and unequalled reliability of service. We are also proud of our contribution to combatting climate change through reducing travel distances. Our locksmiths, on average, travel shorter distances to complete their work than is usually achieved by the National franchises, thus reducing their impact on the environment. Our network members have access to work in their own local area, which makes it quicker and easier for them to respond to a call, and gives them a reliable source of income.

Our vision

  • To give motorists quick and easy access to professional but affordable auto locksmith services.
  • To make the task of finding and engaging an auto locksmith simple, stress-free and achievable within minutes. All our efforts are directed towards hitting that goal.
  • To give the most highly-skilled, reliable and honest locksmiths prominence on our site - we work hard behind the scenes to bar entry to any dubious operators.
  • To give our network members the confidence to develop their businesses through a workload that suits their own aims. Whether they wish to fill up gaps in their schedules, or want to take on extra work to aid expansion, we will be part of their journey.

Our mission

To continue to be the Number One online marketplace for auto locksmith services, covering all vehicles - cars, vans, SUVs, or pickup trucks. We will achieve this by delivering speed, ease of use, reliability and offering great value for money.