Auto Locksmiths is NOW Live!

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That’s right, folks: the Auto Locksmiths website is live and running! Our online marketplace of reputable automotive locksmiths in the UK and USA is here to assist you whenever you’re faced with auto lock or key problems.

Our website functions as a service for comparing prices amongst automotive locksmiths within your post code or ZIP code. What’s the benefit of Auto Locksmiths? We make it quick and easy to get in touch with hundreds of professional locksmiths in the UK or USA.

Best of all, this service is completely free and you can also obtain as many quotes as you like from our automotive locksmiths. All quotes are free and there’s never any obligation to pay or commit if you aren’t happy with a particular locksmith. Nevertheless, we’re confident you’ll find great prices and great quality!

We realise that browsing through phone directories or online for an auto locksmith near you can be a time-consuming and frustrating experience. That’s why our Auto Locksmiths marketplace puts you directly in touch with reliable and cost-effective locksmiths without any hassle. Furthermore, our free quote process enables you to make a more informed choice and to compare locksmiths at the click of a button.

Auto Locksmiths is NOW Live! Auto Locksmiths

Reliable, honest and experienced

Why choose Auto Locksmiths over another service? We understand that there are plenty of automotive locksmiths in the UK and the USA, but many just don’t have the seal of approval or a solid track record of positive and professional service.

That’s where we draw the line. The locksmiths that you’ll find on the Auto Locksmiths  marketplace have all been vetted and approved by us, so you can rest assured that you’ll be put in touch with reputable and professional locksmiths. No funny business.

No matter the problem or time of day (or night), one of our locksmiths is only a click or phone call away. Whether you’ve been locked out of your car, your lock or key has been lost or damaged, or you’re having difficulties with your immobiliser or keyless entry system, our locksmiths are trained to perform a wide range of tasks related to automotive locksmithing.

How does the Auto Locksmiths website work?

Our website is a breeze to navigate. Simply click on “GET QUOTES” tab to get started. Next, choose whether you live in the UK or USA. You’ll then be prompted to input your postcode or ZIP code. An extensive list of reputable locksmiths in your area will then be displayed. Feel free to browse through your options, request no-obligation quotes, and to contact the locksmith directly through our service.

Couldn’t you just Google all of this yourself? Sure, but caveat emptor. Many businesses simply aren’t listed on Google or they may have a website that doesn’t rank highly. Out of sight, out of mind.

Moreover, there’s no way of filtering results for locksmiths that are reputable and vetted. It’s the Wild West. Auto Locksmiths gives you a list of member locksmiths that are approved and near you so that YOU can make more informed decisions before putting any money down.

Keep in mind that some of our members have certain areas of specialisation. For example, some of your search results may specialise in emergency car lockout services whereas others may specialise in key fob reprogramming, anti-theft system installations, or many other areas in which automotive locksmiths may specialise.

Auto Locksmiths is NOW Live! Auto Locksmiths

How you benefit

There are just so many benefits to finding a locksmith via the Auto Locksmiths website, but let’s just summarise some of them quickly for you:

  • Online quotes are FREE;
  • Get as many quotes as you like;
  • Quotes are all no-obligation (no like, no pay!);
  • YOU, the customer, can make more informed decisions
  • Our locksmiths are all approved and vetted;

One specific advantage we’d like to add to this is that our members are independent businesses, not big chains or franchises that you may be used to. This means that many member locksmiths can offer you more customised, bespoke service packages and you may be more successful in negotiating for a fair rate depending on your circumstances. Oh, and you’re also supporting local small businesses!

Most importantly, however, is that all of these benefits and advantages are found under one roof: Auto Locksmiths. No need to open up a zillion tabs on your browser and navigate each locksmith’s website in search of a telephone number or email address. We keep everything simple and in one place for convenience and peace of mind.

Auto Locksmiths

We understand the frustration that many people experience whilst searching for a reputable automotive locksmith. In many cases, ringing auto locksmiths is not something one wants to do but is driven by necessity (emergency lockouts). Take the stress out of searching for a quality car, van, SUV, or truck locksmith near you by using the Auto Locksmiths online marketplace.

Get in touch with us if you’d like to enquire about our online marketplace and to learn more about what our vehicle locksmiths can offer you.