Car key replacement

Auto Locksmiths is a platform that connects you with genuine local automotive locksmiths in towns and cities across the United States. If you’ve lost your car keys and need a replacement set or if you’ve locked your keys inside of your vehicle, our network of automotive locksmiths can help, wherever and whenever you need them.

Every car make and model may have very different lock and key systems, ranging from ordinary physical car keys to key fobs to keyless entry systems. The expert technicians can help you regain access to your vehicle and provide you with a working set of replacement keys for your exact vehicle make and model.

Car key replacement services in the United States

If you’ve lost your car keys or locked them inside of your vehicle, you may be feeling frustrated and/or embarrassed at the situation. You shouldn’t have to feel frustrated with the solution, however, which is why Auto Locksmiths only works with vetted and approved automotive locksmith businesses that offer dependable services at competitive prices.

If you’re looking for a reputable technician to help with car key replacement, our member partners are ready to come to your location and give you a working copy, with or without access to the original key. Our member partners can extract broken pieces of your car key from the lock, cut a replacement physical key, reprogram your key fob and transponder, and much more.

Find a car locksmith near you and get quick and convenient service at affordable prices.

Car key replacement

Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to replace a car key without the original?
Yes, auto locksmiths can provide you with a replacement car key without access to the original. Depending on the type of lock and key system as well as the age, make and model of your vehicle, an auto locksmith can provide you with a working replacement of a physical car key or a reprogrammed key fob.

How much is a replacement car key for an old car?
Replacement car keys for older cars might only cost around $5-10. Generally, cars manufactured prior to 1981 have a standardized physical key with no electronic components, so a qualified auto locksmith can do the job quickly and with little effort.

How much is a replacement car key for a new car?
Replacement car keys for newer car makes and models can cost anywhere from around $50-$100 or more. Since 1981, car manufacturers began implementing many new electronic lock and key systems. Transponders, key fobs, and keyless entry are all relatively standard, which requires more labor and skill to produce a replacement car key.

Do I need to show my VIN for a replacement car key?
Generally, you will need to produce your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) as proof of ownership of the vehicle before a locksmith provides their services. For most cars manufactured after 1990, the vehicle’s key codes are stored in a database with the key code corresponding to your VIN.

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Get in touch with a reputable auto locksmith near you through this site. We work with a network of automotive locksmiths across the United States that provide replacement car keys, key fob programming, and much more.