Frequently asked questions

It is natural to want to ask questions before you buy, so here are the answers to just small selection of the questions you may wish to ask. FAQs can never cover all eventualities, so if you need to know something that is not listed here, please get in touch using the contact details at the bottom of the page.

What is Auto Locksmiths?

Auto Locksmiths is a website that was developed and is operated by Interactive Network Ltd. It is an online marketplace, delivering free no-obligation quotes for customers in need of the services of a professional automotive locksmith. The website holds details of US-based experienced, qualified locksmiths.

If I ask for a quote, will I have to pay anything?

No - use of the website is and always will be free of charge for both new and repeat customers. We want your experience of using our site to get quotes from trustworthy auto locksmiths in your local area to be quick, simple and hassle free. When you see a quote that exactly meets your needs, you can simply click on the link within the quote to get into direct contact with the locksmith.

Who will send me my quote?

The auto locksmiths themselves are able to view all appropriate quote requests, which contain all the details of the job you need done. They will prepare and send you a quote which is tailored to your exact requirements – we feel that this method of direct contact between locksmith and customer is the quickest and most efficient way to do business, and results in the best possible deals.

How can I be confident that I will get the best possible price?

Our web-based quote system is free, no-obligation and so easy to use, you can easily request several quotes for comparison from different locksmiths. Simply compare the prices and services on offer, and pick the one that suits you best.

I want an experienced automotive locksmith – will I get one?

Yes indeed. We have made it our firm policy not to allow inexperienced automotive locksmiths to come onto our site. We only want to feature the best in the business, which means you can contact a local locksmith, confident in the knowledge that they know their business.

I want a reliable auto locksmith – how do you ensure that?

We make good use of customer feedback. Every individual auto locksmith is allocated their own page on our site, and when a job is completed, the customer is asked to post a review. We only accept reviews from verified customers, to ensure the reviews we do get are genuine. When choosing a locksmith, look at their review history, and you will be able to see if other customers have received satisfactory service.

If a lock is faulty, can that affect my insurance?

Sadly, yes it can. If your vehicle is insecure and someone breaks in to steal or damage the vehicle or its contents, your insurance policy may be invalid and you won’t get compensation. As soon as you are aware of a problem, contact your local auto locksmith straight away and get it fixed. Our trustworthy locksmiths can be with you same day, and often within one hour, so there’s no need to take the risk.

Do you want more information?

We are here to help anyone who needs the services of an experienced auto locksmith. Give us a call on (646) 751-7835 or use our simple contact form.