Ignition repair

For any driver, your car not starting is a nightmare scenario. Whether the ignition won’t turn, or the key is jammed in the barrel, then you are going nowhere and have a serious problem - but an auto locksmith can solve it.

It doesn’t matter what concern you have with your car, SUV, pickup or van’s ignition. An auto locksmith will come out to your home or office and find out what the issue is. Whether it is the key or the ignition, they will fix it - while you wait - and get you back on the road, whatever time of the day or night you call.

Why car ignitions stop working

There are several reasons why ignitions stop working and require a repair. For example, the ignition barrel could have jammed or become worn so it won’t turn, or the ignition switch contacts could have become worn down.

It could also be that the spark plugs or the ignition cables - the wires that transfer the spark from the ignition coil to the spark plugs - could have worn out; both of these are common issues that auto locksmiths encounter. If either of these parts have become worn, it’s also worth checking the components around them for any defects as well. The failure of a part can cause an associated part to fail as well, but professional auto locksmiths will do the check as a matter of course.

The ignition can also get damaged when would-be thieves try to steal a vehicle.

How auto locksmiths repair ignitions

Once the auto locksmith has arrived at your location - often within the hour if it is an emergency - they will use their equipment to diagnose the issue with the ignition and explain what action is needed to fix it.

If it is the ignition barrel that has jammed, an auto locksmith can fix it - sometimes they won’t even need to take the barrel out to do this.

In a vehicle’s lifetime, an ignition is turned on and off thousands of times and, every time this happens, it causes tiny amounts of wear. Even things like having your car key on a heavy key chain can help to create wear. Over time, this adds up, and ends up with the ignition switch or one of the springs within it failing. This is something auto locksmiths see regularly, and can repair it in minutes.

Likewise, spark plugs and ignition coils wear over time and can fail. In this case, the auto locksmith can quickly replace them with new ones - they usually carry a stock of with them on their van.

Any repair will be fully tested to ensure everything works before they hand the customer back their keys. Ignition repairs can generally be done while you wait and, depending on the problem, you can be back on the road within an hour.

Replacing car keys

Of course, the ignition not working might be down to the key, rather than the ignition. Keys, like ignitions, can wear out and therefore won’t operate the ignition any more. In this situation, an auto locksmith can cut a new key while you wait - they have the tools and blank keys with them to enable them to do this.

Why you should use an auto locksmith

For ignition repairs you might think it logical to call your local auto dealer. However, while they can certainly fix the problem, you will have to get the car to the dealer, which isn’t easy if the ignition isn’t working! In addition, it will be likely to take them several days to undertake the job, especially if they have to order a part in. On the other hand, an auto locksmith can undertake a repair while you wait, and often has the part ready and waiting in their van. Finally, dealers tend to charge a premium for such repairs - and may try to convince you that you need your entire ignition replaced - something an auto locksmith certainly won’t do.

Auto locksmiths are qualified in everything to do with locks, keys and ignitions on any make or model of car, SUV, truck or van you may find on the roads of the UK and the US. They are fully mobile, and carry an array of equipment in their vans that enables them to tackle any lock problem they are faced with, including broken ignitions. They also receive regular training to keep up with the latest models coming onto the roads, along with any innovations in ignition technology.

Cost of ignition switch repair

Repairing an ignition is not a big job, and so the cost is not likely to leave a gaping hole in your finances. However, how much it will cost will depend on what is needed to be done, and the age, make and model of the car, SUV, truck or van you drive.

It is always worth asking for quotes from several lock technicians before you engage one, as it ensures that there won’t be any nasty surprises in terms of cost, once the work has been done. Search the Auto Locksmiths website now to get no-obligation quotes from skilled technicians near you!

Lots of auto locksmiths also provide customers with a warranty - usually six or 12 months - on any work they do, or new parts they install, which gives extra peace of mind to their customers.

Why you should use the Auto Locksmiths website

The range of makes, models and ages of cars, vans, pickup trucks and SUVs that are driven by people in the US and the UK is huge, but whatever you drive, an experienced auto locksmith can fix your ignition.

However, there are numerous auto locksmiths out there, so finding one that is trustworthy, won’t try to overcharge you and is close to where you live or work can be daunting, especially if it is an emergency situation.

At Auto Locksmiths, we appreciate how difficult it can all seem, and that’s our reason for being - to take all the uncertainty out of finding expert lock technicians. Every auto locksmith that is listed on this site has been vetted, approved and verified by industry experts, so you can be certain you will be receiving a service from someone who is both trustworthy and qualified in repairing ignitions.

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