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If the remote key fob for your car, van, SUV or pickup truck has stopped working, then you are in trouble, as it means that you won’t be able to start the car, or open the doors to get into it - or both. Whichever, it means you won’t be going anywhere. 

You need to get the remote key fob fixed or replaced - and quickly. The best people to call to do this are auto locksmiths - they can fix or program a new remote key fob while you wait - and for a reasonable price.

Why remote key fobs break

Remote key fobs can stop working for various reasons. They are very robust pieces of equipment, but they aren’t indestructible, so things do occasionally go wrong with them.

For instance, sometimes the battery in the fob has run out, and in this case the fix is very easy. However, there could also be a problem with the circuits inside the fob, which can be the case if the fob has been damaged, and one or more of the buttons on it has stopped working, or the receiver has broken or isn’t communicating with the receiver in the car. If it’s a communication issue, the fob will require reprogramming at the very least.

What is a remote key fob?

Remote key fobs are standard on the majority of current models of cars, vans, pickups and SUVs, and have been for some years. In basic terms, there is a key fob transmitter and a receiver inside the car, which works via a radio frequency (433.92MHz in Europe and 315MHz the US). When you press the button on the remote key fob, it wakes up the vehicle’s central processing unit (CPU), which decodes the signal and opens up the vehicle. 

Of course, with all that technology involved, it goes without saying that sometimes things can go wrong.

Why you should use an auto locksmith

Fixing or reprogramming a remote key fob is not something that you can do yourself, as it generally requires some element of diagnostics to do it. Some articles on the internet do say that you can, but these tend to be generic rather than specific to a make or model of vehicle and so we recommend getting the professionals in to do it - your vehicle is probably one of the most expensive things you own, so it makes sense to have an expert deal with it.

An auto locksmith will be experienced in all of the many issues relating to repairing or replacing a remote key fob, no matter what the marque, model or age of the vehicle.

Auto locksmiths are also generally cheaper than a main dealer would be. Dealers tend to charge a premium for providing a new key fob for your motor, and they also won’t be able to come out to where you live or work - which an auto locksmith will - you would have to get the vehicle to them, which could be difficult if the key that operates it isn’t working.

How auto locksmiths fix or replace remote key fobs

Auto locksmiths carry with them on their vans a range of specialist (and expensive) equipment and software, which enables them to work on just about any remote key fob for any vehicle on the UK or US roads today.

Auto Locksmiths will also have received training in how to fix and program replacement remote key fobs, and this training is regularly refreshed as key technology never stops advancing. They have diagnostic equipment that can tap into your car’s CPU and extract the necessary key data to enable them to program a key fob.

Initially, they will look to repair the remote key fob by opening it up and looking at the electronic circuit board in it. If it can be fixed, then they will do that, job done.

If the fob cannot be fixed, then the auto locksmith will program you a new one. They tend to carry a range of blank key fobs with them, so in many instances, the work can be done while you wait.

What it costs

The cost of fixing or replacing a remote key fob depends on the age and complexity of the fob, and the amount of work needed on it. However, it is not the sort of repair that breaks the bank.

It’s worth noting that many auto locksmiths will also offer a warranty for the work they do - often 12 months, but sometimes six or three months - which gives customers some extra peace of mind.

It’s worth getting a few quotes before you engage a particular auto locksmith to do the work you need, just to see that you’re getting the best deal. Check out the Auto Locksmiths website and get no-obligation quotes from skilled car key technicians near you now!

Why you should use the Auto Locksmiths website

There is a huge range of makes and models of cars, vans, pickup trucks and SUVs being driven about by people in the US and the UK, but whatever you drive, an experienced auto locksmith can fix or replace a key fob for you.

However, there are many companies offering auto locksmith services, so finding one that is trustworthy, won’t rip you off and is close to where you live or work can be daunting, especially if it is an emergency and you need your car key fob fixing or replacing as soon as possible.

At Auto Locksmiths, we appreciate how difficult it can seem and that’s why we are here - to take all the uncertainty out of finding lock technicians. Every auto locksmith that is listed on this site has been vetted, approved and verified by industry experts, so you can be certain you will be receiving a service from someone who is trustworthy and qualified to fix or replace the key fob, to get you back on the road in next to no time.

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