Key replacement

If the keys to your car, van, SUV or pickup truck need replacing, then the best people to contact are auto locksmiths. They can cut and program or replace your keys while you wait, and for a reasonable price.

Why car keys need replacing

There are a range of reasons why drivers need to have the keys to their vehicle replaced. Here are some of the most common:

  • The key has broken - it could be the key has snapped, or the electronic chip in it has malfunctioned
  • The key has been lost
  • The key has been stolen
  • The vehicle’s lock has been damaged and now the key won’t fit.

Types of car keys

Whichever type of car key you have - whether it is a traditional key without any electronic element, or one of the myriad of electronic-based ones that are standard today - auto locksmiths are trained to deal with any problem with any type of key. This training is regularly refreshed to take in any new vehicles that have entered the market, and technological innovations in keys.

In addition, they carry cutting-edge equipment to cut keys and program keys, which means they can create brand new keys to fit most marques and models of car, van, SUV or trucks that is on the road in the UK and US today.

Reasons to use an auto locksmith

If your car, van, SUV, or pickup truck key needs replacing, it might seem sensible to go to your local dealership to do this. But they might recommend that you also need to replace the car’s Engine Control Unit (ECU) and immobiliser/immobilizer as well as providing a new set of keys, which can be costly. A dealership could also take up to a week to get your replacement keys to you - could you live your life without your vehicle for that long? 

Meanwhile, some auto mechanic shops will charge just to use their diagnostic software, which is used to program keys.

Our skilled automotive lock and key technicians carry a wide range of blank keys with them, and can have new keys cut, programmed and ready to use in under an hour in many cases, so they are the fastest option. They also won’t replace anything else in the vehicle, or charge for diagnostics, so it will be a lot cheaper too. 

They can come out to you wherever you are, often within an hour if it is an emergency situation, so they are also more convenient than the other options.

What the key technician will need from you

Before an auto locksmith gets to work on replacing your car keys, they will need a few things from you, when you contact them to arrange for them to come out, including:

  • Details of the marque and model of the car, van, SUV or pickup you drive and the year it was made
  • Proof of ownership: just in precaution - there are some unscrupulous people out there who would try to pass off a vehicle they have found as their own!
  • Some form of identification, such as a driver’s license or passport.

How replacement car keys are made

Auto locksmiths carry in their vehicles specialist equipment that enables them to cut car, van, SUV or pickup keys for almost every current marque and model on the road in the US and UK. Of course, today’s keys are complex pieces of electronic equipment, so they also have the software necessary to program them to ensure that they will work the vehicle. 

They can also then tap into the vehicle’s ECU, delete the old key’s data from it, and replace it with the info for the new key. As a result, only the new key will be able to operate the vehicle - which is important for security if the old keys have been lost or stolen.

Always have a spare key

We always recommend that drivers have a spare key for their vehicle as it means that if a key is lost, stolen or broken you still have a key that can operate your car. If an auto locksmith cuts and programs it for you, it is also cheaper than buying a new one.

Key technicians can have a new key cut while you wait and are fully mobile so they can come out to where you live or work. They can extract the key’s data from the ECU and transfer it to the new transponder chip.

Why use the Auto Locksmiths website

It doesn’t matter what make, model or age of car, van, SUV or pickup truck you drive, qualified key technicians can replace almost any sort of key. However, finding a reputable auto locksmith that is close to where you live or work can be difficult, especially if it is an emergency and time is of the essence.

Relax, Auto Locksmiths is here to help take the uncertainty out of searching. All the technicians on this site have been approved and verified by industry experts, so you can be certain you will be engaging an experienced and trustworthy auto locksmith who will be able to replace your keys and ensure you’re on the move again in the shortest possible time.

The cost of replacing a car key does vary depending on the type of key and amount of work required. Search the site and ask for a no-obligation quote from auto locksmiths near you now!

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