How it works for auto locksmiths

Our website is available to people in the US or UK who are looking for professional auto locksmith services, and they can request one or more no-obligation quotes, free of charge. The main focus of the site is to put the spotlight on and market the expert services of our network members, and our activities in this area are successful in generating thousands of requests for quotes each year.

Every single request for a quote is an opportunity for our auto locksmiths to win a job through contacting the customer and delivering a winning quote - a job lead.

In order to access these invaluable job leads, you will need to sign up to our network. Once you have done that, our systems and processes will ensure that any relevant leads are made available to you. The decision on which leads are relevant to you is made depending upon your location and your particular area of expertise.

We charge an affordable annual membership fee for our services, and there is a modest amount to pay to take up each individual lead.

You buy leads with credits…

If you choose to buy a lead, you get immediate access to contact details for that potential customer. You will then be able to get in contact directly, find out exactly what that customer requires, then prepare and deliver your individual quote.

If you are successful in your bid, you will be able to make the appropriate arrangements (date, time, location etc.) to complete the work.

Having completed the work to the customer’s requirements, we request that they post a review on your page. As with any online service, these reviews play a huge role in informing customer choice - people tend to rely on reading reviews in order to make a decision, so building your online profile is crucial to making you attractive to customers.

Here are the costs

Membership only costs £50.00 per year (including VAT) and $50.00 per year if in the US. No matter whether you are sole trader, or you own a medium to large business - we are here to deliver the leads you need.

  • On average, each lead costs from £1 to £30 - the final cost depends on factors such as location, size of opportunity, and demand.
  • You only pay for a lead when you are booked by the customer to carry out the work.

There are thousands of leads available every month; build your online profile. Sign up today!

Regards us as your personal marketing team

To succeed in the modern connected world, you can’t just rely on appearing in a directory or on a list of local businesses. These methods no longer generate enough work to even cover any costs of membership. We believe our method of operation is superior in every way - we supply the leads, and you decide how many (or how few) to purchase and when. You are totally in charge of your own workload.

We use our skills in online marketing to target potential customers who are searching for the services of an auto locksmith, and entice them to ask for a quote. We draw people in by investing the majority of our efforts into the big hitter search engines such as Google and Bing. Whenever a potential client searches online for auto locksmiths, we are there at the head of the list of results, which makes it more likely that they will request a quote, which then generates another lead.

There are other benefits to our approach - because our site sits at the head of the search results list, your own individual Auto Locksmiths profile page will, by association, also rise up the listings. That association will raise your page higher in the rankings than any individual site run by a typical small business could achieve.

Reviews are the key - because your profile page is visible to the public, your reviews will be there for all to see, growing your online reputation. Customer reviews are the best way to demonstrate your quality of workmanship and service.

We also keep ourselves in the public eye by sponsorship of a variety of events. It is a cost-effective form of advertising, that keeps us constantly in the public eye.

Our aim is for your business to succeed

We are your virtual marketing and support team, here for you whenever you need us. We work hard in the background so that you can get on with what you do best - being out there delivering your services and making money, rather than stuck to the computer screen, trying to find work.

Our Auto Locksmiths app

We have produced an app to make it quick and simple for you to view, manage and respond to your leads, and also to maintain your profile page, all in real-time. The app enables quotes to be submitted quickly, and you can use it to contact your potential clients through a voice call, a text or an email. We also have a Lead Alert process, which tells you as soon as you have a new lead so you don’t need to be glued to your phone the whole time.

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