Auto locksmith prices

When you need the help of an auto locksmith, you’re certain to need that help quickly. Being locked out of your van, car, SUV or pickup truck is no joke, nor is finding that your key has broken off and you have to get a key replacement right away. In an emergency, it’s important to know who to call on, and where to find them, and you don’t want to be charged too high a price to get you out of trouble, so what should you do?

Before you start trying to force your way into your vehicle, or smash a window to gain access, leaving your vehicle damaged and unprotected, call in an automotive locksmith. A professional locksmith will be able to get into your vehicle without damaging the glass, doors or paintwork, and if it’s a replacement key you need, they will often be able to prepare and supply one for you there and then. But how do you find a local locksmith who can come to you the same day? Simple, on the Auto Locksmiths website you will find contact details of all the trusted technicians around your location, wherever you are in the US.

Our network of car, van, SUV, and pickup truck lock and key experts was designed to ensure that the people who needed rapid access to auto locksmith services, could avoid all the hassle of searching online for help, by providing all the information, in one place. Members of our network are skilled and experienced independent auto locksmiths, and by joining, they have committed to the provision of a rapid response, combined with high-quality customer services and affordable pricing. Simply contact one or more of our locksmiths, and they will provide online quotes for the solution to your lock and key problems (quotes are totally free of charge and no-obligation). Choose the deal you like best, and the auto locksmith will be with you as soon as possible to deliver their professional services, which include:

  • Non-destructive entry to your vehicle.
  • Broken key extraction from door locks or ignition.
  • Key replacement for cars, vans, SUVs, or pickup trucks.
  • Programming or reprogramming for new and damaged keys
  • Replacement for lost or damaged key cards.
  • Repair or replacement for remote key fobs.
  • Security lock fitting.

When you need a cheap auto locksmith of any kind, you can relax in the knowledge that we have a network of more than 400 automotive locksmiths. They are available across the USA, and they are all primed and ready to leap into action whenever and wherever you need their help.


Date Job Locksmith Location Quote
Jan 19, 2023 Cut and program a new key fob for a 2017 Jeep Patriot. Patriot Lock N Road Jacksonville, FL $175.00
Dec 30, 2022 New key fob supplied and programmed for a 2020 Chrysler Pacifica. Houston Lockout Service LLC Houston, TX $275.00
Dec 02, 2022 Reprogram key fob for a 2017 Nissan Altima. ATL Lock Tech Stockbridge, GA $130.00
Nov 20, 2022 Program of a new key fob for a 2018 Dodge Journey. The cost includes the fob, emergency key cutting, and programming. Patriot Lock N Road Jacksonville, FL $250.00

How come auto locksmith prices vary?

You may be wondering why searching online for ‘auto locksmith near me’ brings up a list of apparently similar services, all at different prices, service levels and guarantees. Some locksmiths will offer an immediate response, others may ask you to wait, and they will get back to you within a set period (usually 24 hours). There are many and varied reasons for differences in prices and service offerings, here are just a few:

The level of complication

As you can probably imagine, the more complicated a job you need doing, the longer it will take, and therefore the more it will cost. This applies to everything in life, and so it is not a surprise that the more complex your lock and key needs for your car, van, SUV, or truck, in general terms, the higher the cost will be. One thing is certain though, calling on your local trusted auto locksmith will often be significantly cheaper and faster than contacting your main car dealer.

Take a lock-out as an example – if a key has simply been locked inside your car, but otherwise the locks are working as they should, a skilled locksmith can quickly gain access by picking the lock – the whole process should take less than half an hour. However, if the lock-out has been caused by a bent, damaged or broken-off key, the locksmith will need to approach the problem with a bit more caution. This type of fault requires patience, skill and delicacy so as not to cause internal damage to the lock. To avoid causing a further problem and having to fit a new lock, the locksmith will take a bit more time.

The type of lock or key

There are any number of combinations of locks and key types in use in the wide range of vehicles on our roads, and some of them are more secure than others. So, the more secure the lock, the harder it is to pick, and therefore the more time the technician will need in order to gain access for you in a lock-out situation. Complex and high-tech locks and keys also cost more to buy, so a replacement will usually tend to cost more than a replacement for a simpler type of mechanical lock and associated key.

Where your vehicle is located

Our network members are all independent operators, and they are located across the US. This geographic spread means that although they all make a commitment to high quality services at the best possible prices, some of them are located in higher-cost areas, and therefore are forced to charge higher prices to cover their costs than some who may be covering lower-cost locations. This is simply a fact of economics, and is out of the control of our members.

Having said that, where the population density is higher, in areas such as major towns and cities, there is usually a higher number of auto locksmiths in operation, leading to some cheap prices, as all of them try to attract your business. In more remote areas, where travel distances and times are longer, there will probably be a smaller number of locksmiths available to choose from, and added mileage may tend to increase prices somewhat. 

Using the Auto Locksmiths website gives you access to more or less every auto locksmith in your own area. Our site makes it easy for you to ask for several no-obligation quotes, which means you can quickly weigh up the options, and make an informed decision on which of the various deals on offer is best for you.

The speed of service you want

If you need help in an emergency, the quote for that service may be higher than if you could afford to wait a day – this is a simple fact of life. Our auto locksmiths usually offer an emergency call-out service, and if you need them to get to you on the same day, or in the most urgent cases within an hour, the chances are that they will have to drop other (less urgent) jobs to fit you in. This means that their ‘urgent service’ price may be a little higher than the standard or next day price. If your job really could wait until the next day, the locksmith may be able to combine your call-out with another one nearby, and the price quoted could therefore be lower – everyone benefits.

The great news is though, that whatever your needs and wherever you are, there should always be an automotive locksmith on hand to come out to you when you call.

Get quotes before choosing

It’s always a good idea to shop around, even if it’s an emergency, and we recommend that before committing to call out a particular auto locksmith, you ask for multiple quotes for comparison. Quotes are simple to obtain, no-obligation and free, so why wouldn’t you ask for more than one? Our network members are independent operators, which means they have control over their pricing and service offerings, so getting multiple quotes ensures that you can be sure you are getting the best available deal for your circumstances, and you could make some substantial savings.

Average auto locksmith prices

This is just a brief rundown of the various elements that affect the cost of automotive locksmith services, but there are others that can have a significant impact too. We appreciate that you may be short of time and in urgent need of help, so to make the process as transparent as possible, we have carried out a survey among our network to identify key price points. From this information, we have produced a guide on average costs of auto lock and key services, which we hope you will find helpful and illuminating.