Security locks for vans

Is your van as safe and secure as it should be? One of the most important ways of securing your van and all of its contents is to install security locks for vans and to ensure that they’re functioning properly. Car locksmiths near you can help install, repair and replace security locks for vans to keep your van safe and sound.

Vans are extremely versatile vehicles, being perfectly suited for tradesmen as a sort of mobile office and workstation. Plumbers, electricians, and car locksmiths themselves often use fully-equipped vans to perform mobile work at the property of their customers. Nowadays, there’s also the #vanlife trend whereby people are living out of their vans full-time. These types of vans are quite literally a home on four wheels, so they’re full of personal belongings including a mattress, crockery, food, clothing and more.

Car locksmiths are an invaluable help when it comes to securing your van from unwanted entry, so it’s worth getting in touch with an automotive locksmith near you to install durable security locks for vans.

How thieves break into vans

According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), nearly half a million vehicles were stolen in the first half of 2022 alone. This includes passenger cars, pickup trucks, SUVs and vans all combined, but it’s probably fairly safe to say that vans made up a pretty big proportion of that staggeringly high figure. Car theft is on the rise across the United States, and burglars and thieves have a perhaps greater incentive to try and burglarize a van than a car with no valuables in plain sight.

On average, a vehicle is stolen every 30 seconds in the United States, costing vehicle owners billions of dollars year after year. If your van is burglarized or stolen, you could be losing much more than just your vehicle - you could be losing a lot of personal or work-related valuables.

Thieves can often break into vans just like they can for many other vehicles. For just a little over 1 in every 10 Americans, that often means simply opening up the unlocked door and taking off with the keys still in the ignition. Vehicle theft may be more frequent for van owners, since there may be an impression that a van contains more valuables to steal as well.

Security locks for vans

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Install security locks on your van

Functional, high-quality locks are essential on all vehicles, but there is an added emphasis on security locks for vans. Just consider why you purchased a van in the first place instead of a hatchback or a smaller car. Vans let you carry more stuff, ranging from tools and supplies for work to personal belongings.

Most car thieves and burglars do not premeditate their crime, but instead they are opportunistic. This means that they’re often ill-equipped to handle a tough lock and will most likely move on to the next potential victim. Locks can therefore be a great deterrent to any thieves that do try to break in.

If you’re using your van for work and it contains tools and equipment needed to do your job, you may not be able to afford to have them stolen or lose the vehicle altogether. In fact, if you are using your van for business purposes, you could even negotiate your car insurance premium down by showing that you’ve installed security locks on your side doors and on the back doors.

Types of security locks for vans

There are many different types of security locks for vans that are available, many of which can be installed professionally by an experienced car locksmith. While many locks for vans are similar to those used in passenger cars and SUVs, for example, certain van makes and models use different locks and offer different security features. This is especially the case for commercial vans such as parcel delivery vans and couriers.

Some common types of security locks that can be installed on your van include:

  • Deadbolts: similar to what you would find on a front door of a house, a deadbolt is a common security feature on vans to supplement a door lock.
  • Slam locks: a slam lock is an automatic lock that engages the locking mechanism whenever the door is closed or slammed shut. These types of locks are commonly seen on cargo and delivery vans, since the driver may need to step away from the vehicle for a moment to drop off a parcel.
  • Hook locks: like a deadbolt, a hook lock is a robust and strong bolt that secures the door in place. Hook locks use a bolt shaped like a hook to provide superior pull resistance on sliding doors. These types of locks are common on commercial vans.
  • Gearbox locks: these locks are different in that they are not found on the side or rear doors of the van, but rather on the gearbox to secure it in place and to prevent anyone from driving off with the vehicle. These types of locks are not as common today as they were in the past.
  • Pedal box locks: another way to prevent the vehicle from being driven is by installing a pedal box lock. These locks secure the pedals and prevent anyone from operating the vehicle. They’re commonly found on cargo vans and other commercial vans.

In addition to the above security locks, van owners may also wish to consider additional layers of security. Some of these include internal and external shields which are placed over the lock assembly to prevent a persistent thief from trying to disassemble the lock, security cameras, an alarm system, and a steering wheel column. Layering security measures is a great way to deter vehicle theft.

Key benefits of security locks for vans

There are many benefits to installing security locks on your van, some of which are perhaps obvious while others not so much. First and foremost, simply having a lock can be the single biggest deterrent to vehicle theft and burglary. Opportunist burglars and thieves most often will not bother trying to break into the vehicle if it is locked, even if the lock is not of the highest quality.

With vehicle theft rampant in the United States, however, some thieves are becoming much more brazen and determined to get inside of a vehicle, especially if it’s a van that is perceived to hold valuables. This is where security locks make a big difference. A savvy thief, given the right tools and enough patience, can cut through the door of a car and get in that way, but a security lock or an additional layer of defence can make all the difference in scaring them off.

Other benefits that van owners stand to receive by installing security locks on their vans include the potential for lower insurance premiums and much greater peace of mind. You shouldn’t have to worry about leaving your work vehicle on the street or in a parking lot if you’ve got good security measures in place, and high-security locks can make all the difference.

How an auto locksmith can help install security locks on your van

While you can and should install many security features on your van such as security cameras and an alarm system, installing locks can be a lot more complex. If you’ve never taken apart a van door and a lock assembly before, you could end up damaging the door and/or lock mechanism, or worse, improper installation of a security lock could make it easier for a burglar to get inside.

For these reasons, it is often best to leave the job of security lock installation to a qualified car locksmith near you. Automotive locksmiths are familiar with all aspects of car and van lock and key mechanisms and keep up to date with trends in the automotive market, plus they’ve got all of the expertise and tools needed to ensure the job is done right the first time.

How to maintain van security locks

Just like any other lock on your vehicle, a security lock is prone to wear and tear with use and if your vehicle has been targeted for theft or burglary. In the latter case, this might be a good thing, because at least you’ll only need to have your lock repaired or replaced rather than have to recover your stolen vehicle.

In any case, keeping your locks in good working order is important as it insures your vehicle against burglary attempts. An automotive locksmith can assist with lock and key services for your van, including lock repair, key duplication, rekeying, and lock replacement.

Frequently asked questions about security locks for vans

What type of security lock is best for my van?

The best type of security lock for your van is one that provides the needed level of security for your vehicle. Your needs may be higher or lower depending on what you use the vehicle for, where you leave the vehicle parked, the make and model, and how important it is to secure your vehicle and the belongings inside.

Are security locks easy to install on my own?

Security locks that require work on the door mechanism of your van should normally be done by a qualified and professional car locksmith. Door lock installation requires expertise and the right equipment to ensure that the lock assembly is properly installed, so leave the job to an experienced automotive locksmith rather than trying to do it yourself.

Can security locks be installed on any type of van?

Yes, just about every make and model of van can be equipped with one or more security locks. Choosing the right security lock for your van can take time and it is something you should research thoroughly. Consult an automotive locksmith to learn more about options on securing your van against theft and burglary.

Will installing security locks affect my insurance premiums?

It depends on your insurance provider and your specific insurance policy. Many insurance providers will be willing to lower your insurance premiums if you have had security locks installed on your van by a professional automotive locksmith, as this shows a clear desire to improve the security of your vehicle.

How long do security locks for vehicles typically last?

It depends on the type of lock and how often it is used. Like other locks, security locks for vans experience wear and tear over time and may need to be lubricated, repaired, or replaced if they are damaged by an attempted break-in, for example. Expect a security lock for your van to last for several years with good maintenance.

What should I do if I encounter issues with my van security locks?

If you are having difficulties opening the security lock on your van, the best solution is to contact an experienced automotive locksmith near you. A locksmith can diagnose the problem and resolve it efficiently.

Secure your vehicle

Keeping your van safe and sound against theft and burglary starts with a good set of security locks. The vetted and approved member partners found on Auto Locksmiths provide a vast range of services to customers all across the United States, including security lock installation and repair for vans, key duplication, key cutting, key fob programming and much more.