Security locks for vans

Thefts from vans are on the rise in the UK and the US, with a van break-in happening once every 20 seconds or so. Criminals can see vans as easy pickings, especially if expensive tools, equipment or stock is left in there overnight.

Having your van broken into is a traumatic experience, even if nothing much is taken. Many van owners run their own small businesses from their vans, so having to deal with the police, insurance companies and such like can take valuable time away from working. That’s a situation you don’t want when time is money, and on top of all that, there is the expense of having to get the van repaired, something many van owners can ill afford.

There are, however, many ways you can make your van more secure. One of these is by fitting van security locks, and the good news is that your local auto locksmith can advise you on this matter, and supply and fit them for you at a reasonable price too.

How thieves break into vans

Van security has been enhanced in recent years, with things like central locking and keys with transponder chips making it more difficult for thieves to get into the cab and drive off with your vehicle. However, the technology of the locks that secure the back doors hasn’t always kept pace, and thieves can often pick the locks or force them open.

Why you should install security locks on your van

If you have high-value items stored in your van - even if they aren’t in there overnight - then you should consider installing security locks. Thieves can be opportunists, and even if you’ve just parked up for a few minutes, that’s all they need to enable them get into a poorly secured van and make off with the contents.

Adding additional security locks to the back doors of your van can also help with your insurance premiums. Insurance companies tend to give credit to businesses who take measures to ensure their vehicles are as secure as possible, and as long as the locks you choose meet the appropriate standards, they could help to reduce your premiums. In a climate where profit margins are often tight, the benefits of enhanced van security should not be underestimated.

Types of security locks for vans available

There are many types of locks available to enhance the security of your van. For instance, a deadlock can be fitted - this is a lock which shoots a bolt into a receiver and is worked by a key. Deadlocks make it harder for the doors to be forced open.

Hooklocks work in the same way as deadlocks, but instead of a standard bolt being shot across, a bolt with a hook on is thrown, and this hooks into a bracket. These have a strong anti-pull rating.

Another option is a slamlock. As the name suggests, this lock is automatically operated when the van doors are shut. These locks are usually fitted to vans that are used for multi-drop deliveries or have high value items on board. As the lock is automatic, it has the advantage of not having to have the driver remember to use it.

The slamhandle operates in a similar way, but fits over a handle. It shuts automatically, and can only be unlocked with a slamhandle key.

If you want an external lock, then a statement lock should be considered. As the name suggests, it makes a statement by being a visual deterrent: the lock fits on the outside of the doors, and braces them together to prevent doors being bent down. It is anti-pick and anti-drill. 

Some thieves seek to gain access to van door locks or locking cables by drilling or punching a hole in the van door. However, there are ways to combat this with internal or external shields. These do exactly what you think - shield the vulnerable area and make it very difficult to drill or punch in a hole. An external shield has the added bonus of being a visual deterrent for opportunistic would-be thieves. 

Why you should ask an auto locksmith 

It can be difficult to know which locks to choose, given the range on the market, so it is advisable to get expert advice before you buy. Auto locksmiths have in-depth knowledge of everything to do with van security, all the types of locks that are available, and all the pros and cons. They can provide impartial advice on precisely which lock(s) would be right for your circumstances.

It is always advisable to get a professional to install a lock - you are buying it to provide extra security, so you want to know it is fitted properly and will do its job.

Auto locksmiths are trained in fitting methods for all the various types of lock, so when you have chosen which locking system you want to install on your van, they will be able to do the work for you.

While nothing is ever 100% secure, installing security locks on your van will make it more difficult for thieves to break in. Just having them there will deter many of the more opportunist criminals if they can clearly see that it will take more than mere seconds to break in.

Why you should use the Auto Locksmiths website

With such a huge range of makes and models of vans in use across the US and UK, it’s comforting to know that an experienced auto locksmith can give expert advice on which security locks are the best choice for you. Not only that, they can retrofit your choice of lock to your van, to increase your van’s security straight away.

However, there are many auto locksmiths out there, so you may find it rather daunting to have to find a local locksmith that you can trust, and who will do the work at a competitive price. It’s especially stressful trying to get hold of someone in an emergency.

Auto Locksmiths is here to take all the uncertainty out of finding lock technicians because we appreciate how difficult a task it can seem. Every auto locksmith that is listed on the site has been vetted, approved and verified by industry experts, so you can be certain you will be receiving a service from someone who is both trustworthy and qualified to fit high security locks to your van.

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